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We have been best friends ever since we first met at Turkey Hill Elementary School in Orange, CT. Since then, we’ve realized that food is much cooler than our respective day jobs. We conceived our blog as a place to share our love for food and our various thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences, and creations about the things we eat.

Lauren resides in Washington, D.C. working to save the world.  Though she has always had a love for all things food, her initial interest in cooking began a few years ago while studying in London.  Recognizing that she would quickly be disinterested in the overabundance of fish and chips and curry – as delicious as they are – Lauren knew that the only way to not burn a hole in her pocket would be to get cooking.  It has been a love affair ever since!  Certain spices she could never live without include cilantro, ginger, red pepper flakes, and ground pepper.  Sometimes you can find Lauren getting shooed out of farmer’s markets for eating too many samples.

Max currently works as a paralegal in midtown Manhattan. When it comes to food, his philosophy is that food doesn’t need to be fussy, but it is worth fussing over to make it delicious. He travels everywhere with a supply of kosher salt in case of emergencies. The only things he does not like to eat include sea urchins and bananas. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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